8/111 Lewis Road, Wantirna South, Vic Tel:03-98010688
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MC Bedding Pty. Ltd. -- A Factory Direct offering factory wholesale prices to consumers around Victoria as well as interstate. 


8/111 Lewis Road, Wantirna South (Knoxfield), Vic, Tel: 03--98010688.

Being a warehouse, the company's cost and overheads were lower than retail outlets, and we pass these savings on to the customers with the lowest possible prices for our quality products.

All mattresses in stock are Australian made, aims to keeping Australians employed, now and in the future!

Selling only Australian made bedding means we can organise customer-made mattresses to siut any requirements, for example, mattresses for caravans or for Europen standarded bed frames.

We have established a strong reputation for customer service as we have a lot of return customers and new, word-of-mouth customers.

Our mattress price starts from $179 / $199 / $249 for queen size inner spring mattresses. Then we got $379 for queen size mattress with 2 inch pillow top, and $549 for queen size with 4 inch pillow top.

For pocket spring mattress, our price starts from $699 for queen size pocket spring mattress; $749 for a queen size pocket spring with 3 inch pillow top mattress with latex; $799 for a queen size pocket spring, 2 inch pillow top with wool comfort layer... etc.

Also the top rang 4 inch pillow top Quad Coil pocket spring mattresses, Gel mattress, Memory Foam mattresses and pure latex mattresses.

We open 6 days Monday to Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00PM, closed on public holidays.

Adress: 8/111 Lewis Road, Wantirna South (Knoxfield), Tel: 03--98010688.

Best price guaranteed!


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